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"Did you know that thousands of people from all over the world including INDIA are earning from Internet RIGHT NOW, just for receiving ads in email?"

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The Internet has revolutionized every aspect of human life including the way of earning. Now Internet gives you an excellent opportunity to earn decent additional income without requiring any huge investment. Advertising revenues from corporate bodies, which were otherwise going to media like television channels, radio, newspapers/publications etc., are now given directly to consumers for viewing advertisements on Internet.

Now is the Right time. Join the Internet Revolution taking place now. Make Money on Internet. Then, you will really realize the power of Net. Many people all around the world including INDIA are earning through Net Jobs (both full-time and part-time). Why can't you be one of them? To learn more about this Work on Internet, just go ahead and read the Frequently Asked Questions which are given below:




What is the actual concept?

There are many Multinational Advertising Websites on Internet from which you can earn good income without any payment. First of all, you have to register to these websites. Registrations to all the websites are without any payment. Once you get registered to these websites, you will be paid to surf the web, answer surveys, read e-mail ads and even to visit web their advertiser's websites. The things you always loved, now you get paid for it.

Why would I be paid?

You are helping the advertising websites and they are returning the favor. They are able to pay you because their advertisers pay them every time they send you a promotion or an ad. Each advertising website has a contract with the advertisers that their products should be seen by a large number of viewers say about few million viewers. The Emails you receive contain advertisement about a product or service or idea. The multinational companies want their advertisements to be viewed by large number of peoples all over the world. It creates many things like popularity, Brand Loyalty, Better image and so on.

Do I have to buy something to get paid?

No. The websites pay you to view the ads of their advertisers who are advertising on the Internet due to its wider reach. Just like on Television, you view ads but you hardly buy that product. But the more ads a company gives the more popular its products become and it creates a market of its own.

From where can I work?

You can work from your home if you have a computer and Internet connection of your own. Even if you don't have your own computer then also you can work from an internet cafe or your office having Internet connection as per the direction of the websites.

What should be my qualifications?

You do not have to be a Professional to earn money on Internet. All you need is some basic knowledge of Computers and a thirst to succeed.

How do I get paid?

You will be paid by cheque directly by the advertising websites to the address which you mention, some even pay through popular third party processors like Paypal, Egold and Stormpay, which of course are FREE to join.

When do I get paid?

You will be paid once your account reaches to the minimum balance as fixed the paying websites. The minimum required balance of each website varies from $1 to $350. The minimum payout balance of each website that you have to accumulate in your account in order to receive payment is very clearly mentioned on their website. You start accumulating dollars in your account once you start doing work for these websites. You can also check your balance anytime by logging on to their websites. Once your account reaches to the minimum required balance, they would release your payment as per their terms and conditions. You would also get to know the amount paid for each work done by you.

How much will I earn?

It depends on the number of hours you work and the number of websites you are register with. There are thousands of Internet users worldwide who are earning very handsomely by doing this work.

Will I receive the payment from your company?

No. You will be paid directly by the advertising websites to the address, which you mention on their registration forms. Our role is to email you a list of all the paying websites. Our motto is to save your time in searching these types of paying websites on Internet. We have no responsibility whatsoever in all respect.

Why should I join you?

We have been providing Internet Consultancy to our esteemed customers for more than five years. We have an extensive group of researchers who keep on searching Internet for the websites that offer good income opportunities. We are pioneer in the field of Internet Consultancy. We provide you a List of best available Websites that give excellent income opportunities on Internet.

Do you have any Testimonials or Photocopies of any Cheque received?

Just click below to view few cheques which were received by doing this work on Internet.



 Proof 3 

A recent article published in a leading English Newspaper (Times of India) describes how thousands of Internet users in India are earning money just by clicking web links. Few lines from that article are stated below:

......With her baby on her lap, Mrs. Maya Sharma (name changed) gets down to work every evening from her eighth-floor flat at Vasant Vihar. Maya's job is to click on online advertisements. She doesn't care about the ads, but diligently keeps count ------ it's $0.18 to $0.25 per click.

A growing number of housewives, college graduates, and even working professionals across metropolitan cities are rushing to click paid Internet ads to make $100 to $200 per month.

"It is extra money for a couple of hours of clicking weblinks every day," says a resident of Delhi's Patparganj area, who has kept a $300-target for the summer.

Traffic to click overseas Internet ads --- from home loans to insurance --- is spreading fast in India. "I have no interest in what appears when clicking an ad. I care only whether to pause 60 seconds or 90 seconds, as money is credited if you stay online for a fixed time," says another user....

You can also earn handsomely like Mrs. Maya Sharma. We will provide you the List of Websites which offer such golden opportunities to earn money on Internet.

Does it cost anything to join?

We charge you just Rs.450 (ONE TIME PAYMENT ONLY) as Consultancy Fee to email you a list that contains the link of all the paying websites along with other relevant instructions and information on how to proceed with each and every step. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU HAVE MAKE THIS PAYMENT ONLY ONCE. This is a very small payment considering what you will get in return.

Do I have to make any further payment?

After paying our Consultancy Fee, you do not have to pay anything else. This is the only payment that you have to make just once. Almost all the websites that we will send to you are Free to Join. So...HURRY and ORDER NOW by clicking below:

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Is there any additional benefit if I pay your consultancy charges?

Yes. We will also inform you about the new websites with good earning opportunities, which we may come across in near future. We won't charge you for that. This is an additional benefit, which you will get free of cost if you pay us.

Is there any time limit to join these paying websites?

This offer is valid for limited period only. The Multinational Websites may stop recruiting individuals once if their targeted vacancies are filled up. We will email the websites on First Come First Serve Basis. So register early to avoid disappointment.

If you have any Doubts / Clarifications / Feedbacks feel free to mail us at or call us at
09350280894 (10am to 7pm)

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